Jens Besser – I Am Hardcore

A l'occasion de l'exposition intitulée Conceptual Vandalism à Dresde, Jens Besser présente I Am Hardcore, une vidéo dans laquelle un writer anonyme parodie l'obsession de certains trainwriters à peindre uniquement pour la photo.

6 commentaires

  1. david gueurta le

    bien le rendu final

  2. guillaume le

    trop naz cet artiste en carton

  3. BOCHES = CHIENLIT du graff le

    au lieu daller en Italie boloss la ou c’est trop facile va faire sa en Allemagne…..
    les boches sont le chienlit du graffiti et de l’interail

    • QIREX le

      TAPS, MOSES, ACID, NOMAD, PEPS, CHINTZ, JEROO… De la chienlit, certainement.

      Pauvre imbécile.

      • stasi01 le

        ACID et CHINTZ j’suis d’accord, mais les autres, bof…

  4. actually there is a mistake in the explanaition above . i t s a work about how some trainpainters film themself and don’ t think much about the result they do and how they try to show  » how hardcore » they are. It s for sure that painting such a train in italy is easy – but especially a lot interrailers go there and do trains and try to show how hardcore they are – even it s a fake. to do such a thing in germany is possible , too , but is not the idea of the video.

    ps : in germany there are a lot real active extrem train painters but most you won’t know. In germany changing a name is just normal , because transit police is well educated about painting on trains.