Sketch Battle: Jury's Flavor #1 [EN]

Launched on the 1st of March 2012, the All City International Sketch Battle is on for good, with already more than 70 sketches on line. A little reminder on how to play: Log on to your Facebook account, and be fan of the All City Facebook page. Then go the Sketch Battle page to take part to the contest, by posting a sketch of the word « STYLE ». Prizes for the winners go up to 3000€ (markers, books)… and eternal respect from the Gods of Style of course !

Basic rule: everyone can vote for the best sketches til the 15th of April. Then the jury members, Supe FMK, Scien 123K, Bates AIO and Tilt, will choose the 20 best sketches amongst the 100 who got the highest scores.

Quite often though, the best drawers are a little too discreet. That's why our jury wished to show you each week a selection of their favorite sketches. If you also like these sketches, feel free to click on each photo or link and eventually vote to improve their score; everyone's participation is more than welcome!

Here we go with Flavor of the Week #1 :

>> Click here to vote for « Style » by Sick Cheng.

>> Click here to vote for « Wild Style Addict » by Socrome (LCN).

>> Click here to vote for « Style » by Nemesis (OWC).

>> Click here to vote for « Style » by Tiger Inside.

>> Click here to vote for « Style » by Remon.

>> Click here to vote for « Cheezy Gonzales Style » by Kreol (A2M CK NHS).

>> Click here to vote for « Style » by Николай Йорданов.

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