All City International Sketch Battle [EN]

All City launches the 1st International Sketch Battle on its Facebook page to celebrate the release of the Stylefile Marker, the next big thing in terms of high end drawing twin pens, 

The contest is totally free and runs from March the 1st to April the 15th, 2012. Just keep in mind : the sooner you join in, the more votes you'll get!

This time we'll be reaching to your drawing skills. The whole concept is simple:

1.    Log on to your Facebook account or create one
2.    Post your best sketch here using the word STYLE
3.    Invite your friends to vote for you or to join in, and vote for your favorite sketches
4.    The 100 participants with the most votes will be selected
5.    Our Jury will name 20 winners within the 100.

Feel free to add characters or whatever you like to your « STYLE » letters ! Members of the jury are Supe FMK, Scien 123K, Bates AIO and Tilt, 4 major french and international graffiti figures, who have all been in the game for more than 20 years.

More than 3000€ value prizes can be won, with a real jackpot for the grand winner! Stylefile Marker graphic pens of course, but also blackbooks and many books such as Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 4, the brand new After The Laughter from Herakut, Kacao77 Universes, or the very popular International Topsprayer™ by Taps&Moses. For more details on the prizes, you can check out the full list here.

The contest is open to everyone worldwide. You'll have to be a fan of our Facebook page in order to participate. Click here for the official rules and legal infos (in French).

For those who may wonder why we're hosting the game on Facebook and not directly on All City Blog, there's an easy answer: Facebook has a very convenient gaming app that we're using for this contest. If like many writers you don't trust Big Brother, it's not a problem: you can still open a new Facebook account especially for the occasion, so that you'll be able to participate and vote anyway.

10 commentaires

  1. the contest jury it’s about facebook like of the picture (that’s not nice) or some writers who know to paint jury correct without internet shits

    • All City le

      Our Jury will select the 20 winning sketches within a selection of 100 participants that gathered the most votes. This way votes are important since they help you access the final round but in order to win, in the end it’ll be all about style and nothing else ;-).

  2. kiad le

    can present the sketch in digital format? thanks

    • All City le

      Of course you can :-).

  3. daisy le

    I’m from china and we were not allowed to use facebook in our country.( such a terrible thing!!) how could i participate the contest??

    • All City le

      Sorry about that, unfortunately there’s not much to do unless you have a friend outside China who can post the sketch for you.

  4. Is it possible and allowed to send in multiple sketches (if only just for the fun of it), because i´m drawing more sketches with the word style.. ?

    • All City le

      it’s one sketch per Facebook account… then it’s up to you! 😉

  5. Raul le

    After I’m done with the sketch, where do I send it to? Do I scan it and email it to site? Also how can I tell my friends to vote for me in facebook? Thanks Il appreciate your help…