Quand la ville dort, certains explorent les souterrains, les toits, les bâtiments administratifs ou abandonnés et les tunnels de métro. Nous avons trouvé et sélectionné sur, site d'exploration urbaine, des photos d'exploration du métro parisien.

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  1. Pabalab le

    This train was unique, an experiment in design from the early 60s, and meant a lot to people. It couldn’t be eestored after it was graffiti’d, so it was scrapped. I like graffiti in the right places. This was just purile, selfish and stupid.

    • Mito le

      There is one car in the RATP museum actually it was restored…… When u dont know….
      And the others cars were scrapped but i doubt graffiti are responsible for that
      The truth is that RATP doesnt care about the history…